1. Keep my side of the room clean
    It is literally a mixed pile of dirty and clean clothes 75% of the time. If I'd just put my clothes in the hamper or dresser when I go to bed, this wouldn't happen.
  2. Read 12 new-to-me books
    I used to read two books a week, now I rarely read and is like to get back into it. My current book counts.
  3. Run consistently for February and March
    I used to run all year, then we moved to the top of a hill and I got lazy about running and joined a gym. I don't really run anymore because the gym is easier and I hate treadmills. I'm doing a 5 miler at the end of March and think I'll love running again if I give it a shot. If I don't, at least I know where I stand.
  4. Be a more proactive friend
    I have one friend I make a regular effort to see. I'd like 2-3 more. I will contact others to make plans more often, and not hold grudges when they don't return my first text or call.
  5. Be more productive with my time off
    Use my random days off to get some good cleaning done and have appointments that are generally a pain to do after work or on the weekend.