Books I First Read as an Adult That I Missed Out on as a Youth

If adult me could make a required reading list for child me this is what I would suggest
  1. The 13 Clocks- James Thurber
    Introduced to me by my friend, Cora, who reads it at least once a year. It's like if words were dessert. And so clever. Best read in one sitting.
  2. The BFG- Roald Dahl
    Read almost exclusively on the floor in the shafts of light coming from the sunshine outside of the preschool classroom I worked in during nap time.
  3. The Westing Game- Ellen Raskin
    Might be a movie?? So exciting. Read on a summer break in college. I want Tim Burton to direct this.
  4. Harry Potter series- J. K. Rowling
    Harry Potter was college for me. I'm so thankful it was in my life when it was because some of my best undergrad memories stem from reading it out loud with Cora page by page. But I know my childhood could have been so much more magical if it was in my life when it first came out. Fun fact: Cora and I had a different voice for every character.
  5. James and the Giant Peach- Roald Dahl
    Currently reading this book to my 1st and 2nd graders. When we got to chapter 24, my student asked me who James is.
  6. The Phantom Tollbooth- Norton Juster
    Actually read this in junior high but we were pretty much monsters back then and totally bullied the English teacher. I didn't take this book seriously then but now I think in theory I would love it.