1. Jump over open sewers
    Sometimes I pretend like the sewers are hurdles. Only more dangerous and unsanitary. Xtreme sports!!
  2. Wave back at waving kids
    Sometimes kids will race you for a stretch
  3. Pretend like I'm in a post apocalyptic zombie horror movie when passing by burning trash piles on the street
    Nothing like filling your lungs with trash smoke while engaging in cardio
  4. Compare and contrast front gates
    Most front gates of houses here are quite ornate (gaudi) and I of course have my favorites.
  5. Facilitate a goat stampede
    Goat stampedes are easy to create. Find a flock of goats, run through it, and enjoy the mayhem.
  6. Race tro tros over speed bumps
    This is the only time I will ever stand a chance at outrunning a moving vehicle. Great confidence boost!
  7. After passing people on the street who call me "Obruni!" Shout back over my shoulder, "Obruni? Where?!"
    Haven't actually worked up the courage to do this yet.