1. This is from some godforsaken makeover game app that my daughter plays. I have approximately 300,000 similar screenshots, but with different hats.
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  2. Found this clock in a gift shop. Perfect for a little girl's room!
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  3. The children have begun to fashion crude weapons. Should I be concerned?
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  4. The Miracle of Womanhood, as expressed in colorful tile at a tapas restaurant
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  5. FINALLY. So sick of hotels that expect you to use the same old remote as the last guest.
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  6. Heh.
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  7. From the "What the hell kind of life am I leading?" portion of a family road trip
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  8. Thought this panel in a rental car looked like Homer Simpson
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  9. Still life with plushie and remote, 2015
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  10. Well, fuck.
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