Best Photos From My Phone That Don't Include People

  1. This is from some godforsaken makeover game app that my daughter plays. I have approximately 300,000 similar screenshots, but with different hats.
  2. Found this clock in a gift shop. Perfect for a little girl's room!
  3. The children have begun to fashion crude weapons. Should I be concerned?
  4. The Miracle of Womanhood, as expressed in colorful tile at a tapas restaurant
  5. FINALLY. So sick of hotels that expect you to use the same old remote as the last guest.
  6. Heh.
  7. From the "What the hell kind of life am I leading?" portion of a family road trip
  8. Thought this panel in a rental car looked like Homer Simpson
  9. Still life with plushie and remote, 2015
  10. Well, fuck.