Just in case you ever want to read one or anything.
  1. Here is what we know, those of us who can speak to tell a story: On the afternoon of October 24, my wife, Lexy Ransome, climbed to the top of the apple tree in our back yard and fell to her death.
    From The Dogs of Babel, 2003
  2. By the sixth leg of the game, we have accumulated the following objects: a ski pole, a bishop from a crystal chess set, a sheet of rice paper, a trilobite fossil, an aviator's helmet, and a live parrot
    From Lost and Found, 2006
  3. There are some stories no one wants to hear.
    From The Nobodies Album, 2010
  4. Hello! I'm Henry, and this is my little sister Eleanor, but I like to call her Elliebelly.
    From Cooking With Henry And Elliebelly, 2010
  5. In another life, you make it work.
    From Harmony, forthcoming in 2017