With nothing but love for Edward Gorey
  1. A is for Avery, whose Wii was miswired
  2. B is for Brooklyn whose yogurt expired
  3. C is for Camryn, whose Barbie tried smoking
  4. D is for Deacon, who tweeted "I'm choking"
  5. E is for Emma, now coated in chrome
  6. F is for Flint, who "tried this at home"
  7. G is for Gracen, who mainlined Glenfiddich
  8. H is for Hayden, who tried to play Quidditch
  9. I is for Ingo, who drank a bad chai
  10. J is for Jaxon, who played CSI
  11. K is for Kat, who achieved YouTube fame
  12. L is for Link, who thought warnings were lame
  13. M is for Minx and her real pirate sword
  14. N is for Nash and his Darwin Award
  15. O is for Onyx, allergic to air
  16. P is for Pax, who got lost at O'Hare
  17. Q is for Questa, who tried pit-bull baiting
  18. R is for Reardon, who texted while skating
  19. S is for Sutter, with fireworks flashing
  20. T is for Tucker, last seem geocaching
  21. U is for Ulli, who took the wrong dare
  22. V is for Vin, who blew up his au pair
  23. W is for Wonder, who dove in a fountain
  24. X is for Xander, who fell off Space Mountain
  25. Y is for Yola, who swam with a shark
  26. Z is for Zuma, who died of the snark