D.C. to Pittsburgh, Christmas 2015
  1. 13-year-old: "It turns out that the placebo effect isn't real. Sugar pills are just extremely effective healing agents."
  2. Husband pronounces Hozier "Ho-zee-ay." Kids don't respond, so he does it a second time, then says, "I like them; they just seem hosey-er than other bands."
  3. For some reason, discussion turns to the American flag, and whether there was ever a 49-star flag. It turns out there was, but only for a year-and-a-half, from January '59 until July '60. Eisenhower was the only president to serve under it.
  4. Husband says he's going to buy a 49-star-flag bumper sticker, and if anyone asks why, he'll say, "I don't recognize Hawaii."
  5. Tempers flare over something minor; I move into back seat, so we can separate kids by sticking older one up front.
  6. I do a dramatic reading of @Salomon's excellent list, "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PHONE CALL FROM ADELE'S 'HELLO'": THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PHONE CALL FROM ADELE'S 'HELLO'
  7. Adele's "Hello" plays. Kids quote @Salomon's list, throughout.
  8. Demi Lovato song plays. Husband complains it isn't "hosey" enough.
  9. Four more hours to go! Not counting traffic and bathroom stops and lunch...