Not interesting to anyone anymore.
  1. As we exit the highway for lunch, both kids ask to help woman asking for money at the intersection. 10-year-old takes $2 out of her own purse. Very sweet.
  2. Shout out to Breezewood, PA!
  3. Husband buys local newspaper in parking lot. Top headline: "Teary-Eyed Justice: Shame On Me."
  4. We try and fail to play online Trivial Pursuit game advertised on ketchup bottle.
  5. Daughter orders a sirloin steak. At Denny's. Proclaims it "really good."
  6. Son asks us all which children's author we'd prefer to write (and predetermine) our life story, Dr. Seuss or the Brothers Grimm. Tells us we have no sense of adventure when we choose Dr. Seuss.
  7. Husband and I reminisce about Denny's meals from our childhoods. I swear to God, the Denny's near me had a breakfast on their kids menu that was a bowl of Rice Krispies and milk, topped with canned peaches and A SCOOP OF VANILLA ICE CREAM. It was freaking amazing.
  8. Back in the car!