Overheard in My House as the Kids Designed a Sim Family Modeled After Our Family

You know that game "The Sims"? We like that game.
  1. "Go back to my face; I'm currently Latino."
  2. "Don't click on my butt."
  3. "Take the earrings off your brother."
  4. "Whoa...look at all the tattoos on Daddy!"
  5. "You want to be overweight?" "Only a little bit...no, not that much!"
  6. "You look like a bowler....now you look like a doctor..."
  7. "That totally looks like something Mommy would wear!"
  8. "Wait--we didn't edit the relationships! Are Daddy and I married?"
  9. "No. I do not wear clown shoes."
  10. "That's perfect! Except for Daddy's reindeer sweater. But he brought that on himself."
  11. "Why isn't there an 'inappropriate' trait?
  12. "Oh, wait--we need some clutter."
  13. "There should be a lot of clothes on the floor."
  14. "What's wrong with Mommy? She doesn't look happy."
  15. "I don't like your face."