So sick of coming across click bait articles containing totally predictable content. Oh, really--beef stew? Chili? I never would have thought of that myself! Here are a few ideas your crockpot won't see coming.
  1. Sprinkle some gravel in the bottom and warm your mittens on it to give your hands a toasty treat!
  2. Tired of the same old potluck choices? Next time, simmer sardines and milk together and call it soup.
  3. Cut up a copy of your favorite poem and let the individual words flutter from your fingers like snowflakes. Serve at room temperature.
  4. Cook a single boneless, skinless chicken breast for ten hours with no additional ingredients. Use it to scrape rust from the underbody of your car.
  5. Just pee in it, okay? Just fucking pee in it.
  6. Place the slow cooker on a baking sheet and stick the whole damn thing in your oven. Roast overnight. When the firefighters arrive, shout "Surprise!"