1. This summer: His name is Blurryface. And he cares what you think.
  2. "911, what is your emergency?" "She's in my house and...I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!!"
  3. They used to have mad love. But this Thanksgiving, they only have...BAD BLOOD.
  4. "Honey...is that you?" "Yes, sweetie. I'm back. Hello from the other side."
  5. You don't want to know where the good boys go to hide away...
  6. He thought he could live without her. But he's learning that without her kisses, he'll be needing stitches.
  7. Whatever you do, don't look into his eyes. It's where his demons hide.
  8. Once he was seven years old. Once...and forever.
  9. What's that swinging from the chandelier???!!!
  10. He caught a grenade for her...and that was just the beginning.