Not sure if this is a common game but it is among my friends. Sorta like "Would You Rather" but not. You present a hypothetical perfect mate but with one outrageous imperfection. So....they're perfect in every single way but
  1. ...they have goat feet.
    Every other anatomical thing is correct, just two tiny hooves instead of human feet.
  2. ...they must sleep on a pile of hamster shavings.
    In a bed that you obviously share with them. You don't have to sleep on them but they insist they do.
  3. ...they constantly have Cheeto residue on all their fingers.
  4. ...every time they stand up from a sitting position, no matter where it is, there is a pile of sand left where they were sitting.
  5. inch of their butt crack is showing 100% of the time.
    Like they prefer that their butt crack show.
  6. ...they baa like a sheep on "A" noises when they get excited.
  7. ...every morning they emerge from a huge banana peel.