1. sleeping with earplugs
  2. magnesium
    take 500mg before bed and you will sleep like a champ
  3. drinking a lot of water
    i was so burnt out on celebs always saying their #1 beauty tip was to drink plenty of water but now i get it
  4. Braum's cookie butter ice cream
    if you are fortunate to live in an area with Braum's do yourself a solid and go try this ice cream
  5. The Great British Baking Show
    i successfully convinced all my roommates and their boyfriends to be into it too
  6. Tibetan food
  7. Static
  8. Penny & Sparrow's album Struggle Pretty
    this has been a favorite of mine since it was released. it's an album that i usually only listen to in its entirety. it is hauntingly gorgeous.
  9. when people/things remind me of my dad
    today it was my my hairstylist Rich talking about San Francisco
  10. This piece at the Palm Springs Art Museum
  11. anything @john is doing lately
  12. Having your friends do embarrassing things on their birthdays