Her name is Asher. She is friendly, spunky, talkative, smart, and honestly everything I wish I was. Please note that all of these are completely out of the blue unless other wise stated.
  1. "What would happen if you did all of the 30 Day Shred in one day?"
    I had to ask her what a 30 Day Shred was and she explained the whole exercise system to me in detail. I did not know the answer to her question.
  2. "Have you ever put a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag?"
  3. *whispered while we are driving* "Carolyn, there are two cops near us. You need to drive with control."
  4. "I often think songs are the song from the Goonies."
  5. "I usually go home sick from school on sloppy joe day because I eat too many."
  6. "You know how sometimes there are horses in parades?"
    No follow up.
  7. "One second you're thinking fidget spinners are the coolest thing on earth and then you spend all your allowance on one and you think 'Oh my god, what did I just do?'"