If you are this type of person...I'm sorry. We all make our own choices.
  1. People who make plans via Facebook statuses
    "Anyone up to see a movie tonight?" NEVER
  2. People who are late.
    "If you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late, if you're late you're in trouble" Idk where I got this from...probably a professor or something but it is a mantra of mine.
  3. People who talk about marrying their significant other wayyyy too early on in their relationship.
  4. People who post a photo of them and their spouse attending a wedding together with the caption "My forever wedding date!"
    We get it.
  5. The woman who thanks her husband for doing normal adult chores via social media
    I'm not even married but hopefully some day I will be (Inshallah)
  6. People who stand really close to the baggage claim conveyor belt.