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These fellas just do it for me! I can't explain it, no one really knows why you are attracted to what you're attracted to, right? Do we blame science? I don't know! But I'm quite attracted to this following list of celebrities/characters.
  1. Zachary Quinto as Spock
    I think it's the ears? Or maybe the eyebrows? Not completely sure but for some reason this does it for me? When I was younger I used to want to be an elf, like from a Tolkien story, so that might be something to do with it.
  2. Adam Driver as any character he plays.
    He is that rare bird I dub "ugly hot." I remember seeing him in a Gap campaign and being like "woah! Who dat funny lookin dude? He hot!" He just looks very artsy and there is something so intrinsically beautiful about him. Also the lack of traditional symmetry in his face I find really interesting.
  3. Paul Dano
    He's heartbreaking. I'm not a very emotional person, but Paul Dano has the ability to bring out some pretty strong and intense emotions from my stone heart. Him singing "God only knows" is one of the most heart wrenching the movie moments I've experienced. Also he has quite a pillow-like face which I just find very comforting and just like I want to cuddle him.
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  1. Schedual
  2. Resturant
  3. Develope
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  1. a tuxedo
    I want a tailored, fancy, lady tuxedo. And throw in a top hat and cane for fun. Why the bleep not.
  2. Tailored suit
    I'm a business woman dammit. Also for more casual occasions when I feel the tuxedo would be too much. Very Diane Keaton.
  3. Learn karate
    Those outfits looks damn comfortable and I want to add chopping a cinderblock in half with my bare hands to my list of party tricks. My mother always said that karate was for nerds, so that has hindered me. BUT ONE DAY!
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A running list.
  1. I know I'm late to the game, but THIS SONG.
    I saw it. I bought it. I feel complete.
  3. Videos with unlikely animal best friends
    My instagram explore page is an plethora of strangeness. I'm not sure their algorithms, but I'm pretty sure they think I'm like the biggest fan of unlikely animal best friends..... and they are freaking correct.
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She has bewitched me body and soul.
  1. Debette Goldry
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  3. Colleen Rafferty
    The use of he phrase "Donald ducking it" has changed my vocabulary
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A Running list.
  1. Nasal douche
  2. One last wiz
  3. Pop it out
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No particular order. Some of the songs are new and some of them are old. whatever.
  1. "Shut up kiss me" by Angel Olsen
  2. "22(OVER S∞∞N)" by Bon Iver
  3. "Ojos Del Sol" by Y la Bamba
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If was the year 2000....
  1. 1.
    Yep..... he was my favorite.... not a Justin girl. I had the posters on the wall and would sleep with a tshirt that had his face on it.
  2. 2.
    I first was exposed to MB via a Andrew Lord Weber VHS with various music videos of people singing his songs. And MB sang "love changes everything" and boy did it. I was smitten. In 2012 I had the opportunity to meet MB, totally lost my cool. I explained the infatuation at the age of 8 and he seemed confused.
  3. 3.
    Later on in the same VHS this hunk dances around on a scooter with a rainbow robe. Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat was LIFE CHANGING! "Any Dream will do" slayed my musical obsessions until I discovered High School Musical.
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Having watched about 7 Hallmark Christmas movies in the past 5 days..... I feel like I could write one of these puppies.
  1. Former 90's children actors
    Whether he was super man, or she was Sebrina the teenage witch. ALSO Mariah Carey was in one?! HONEY? You need help?
  2. Widow and/or widower
    SOME ONE IS ALWAYS DEAD! Also could be substituted for single parent raising dead brother or sister's child.
  3. Small fictitious sovereign nation between France and Spain
    Really? Like this is a place? Isn't that why Luxembourg exists.
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  1. I'm kind of lactose intolerant.
    So I could have a fart attack.
  2. I see cheese's only purpose as what hold my pizza topping in place.
  3. I think it's a texture thing?
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