1. a tuxedo
    I want a tailored, fancy, lady tuxedo. And throw in a top hat and cane for fun. Why the bleep not.
  2. Tailored suit
    I'm a business woman dammit. Also for more casual occasions when I feel the tuxedo would be too much. Very Diane Keaton.
  3. Learn karate
    Those outfits looks damn comfortable and I want to add chopping a cinderblock in half with my bare hands to my list of party tricks. My mother always said that karate was for nerds, so that has hindered me. BUT ONE DAY!
  4. Host my own talk show.
    Fallon/Ellen style show. Lots of singing segment. Plenty of games. I'd get to meet celebrities and hug them. ALSO I'd get a friggin theme song!
  5. Food dehydrator
  6. Roomba
    It's like a pet that cleans for you. I feel I would love it like I would a dog, and name it. Actually just thought of a name if I got one.... Miranda. Mir for short.
    It has been a life long dream to have a trampoline! I asked every year for Christmas for one, and my parent made a joke out of this dream by purchasing me an exercise mini trampoline with a stabilizing bar. I stopped asking after that, but I WILL NEVER STOP WANTING ONE.