NY Mag's Beef With La La Land

According to New York Magazine's review, here is where La La Land went wrong.
  1. A male music nerd is written as a legitimate romantic lead.
  2. Even worse, a charming actor is cast as the music nerd.
    A "sneaky" move to trick the audience into liking the character, according to the critic.
  3. At one point, a male explains why jazz is great to someone. This someone is a female.
    All the while jazz is playing in the background.
  4. A girl ends up liking the music her boyfriend loves.
    And his love for it might have something to do with it.
  5. In case you didn't notice: the guy who is passionate about jazz is white.
    In case you didn't know: this is a genre invented by black people!
  6. Later, a SECOND guy has the nerve to explain jazz.
    At least he's explaining it to another guy...?
  7. If you still want to read the full review...