An ode to my great love of survivor and the great men who have captured my heart throughout the years
  1. JT
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    He's kind, charming, trustworthy and honest. Also he ain't too hard on the eyes. Also he won Survivor Tocantins. And his Alabama accent makes everything he says sound like the best most honest thing you've ever heard.
  2. Coach- The Dragon Slayer
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    This man is a hoot and a holler and one hell of a survivor. I will always remember him doing yoga on top of deserted mountains and tai-chi at sunrise on the beach
  3. Phillip
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    Phillip is probably the most neurotic man to ever play the game. About halfway through the season he started wearing this feather on his head that was given to him by a ghost, and trotted around all over camp in his saggy pink undies. He also created his own secret alliance called Stealth-R-Us. Let your freak flag fly dude
  4. Ozzy
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    You beautiful tree-climbing man. I'm so glad I got to watch you for multiple seasons spear fishing and dominating in challenges. You are the heart and essence of survivor. I loved and supported you even when you sent yourself to redemption island which ended up being your ultimate demise.
  5. Boston Rob
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    One of the most recognizable survivors of all time, he played a kick ass game and landed a wife all in one season. Long live you and your flossy gold chain Boston Rob
  6. Johnny FairPlay
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    This tricky sonuvabitch made up an elaborate ruse that his grandma had died in order to advance himself in the game. A respectably slimy move
  7. Malcolm
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    You beautiful man-bunned man. I swooned over you all season and you also played 2 seasons back to back which is pretty remarkable
  8. Cochran
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    He was constantly chronically sunburnt. Deemed himself Cochran because "all the greatest survivors go by their last name only". He drove me crazy his first season, but came back again and blew my socks off and ended up winning. Way to follow your survivor dreams you unlikely champ
  9. Joe
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    Joe sweet Joe. You rock the hell out of that orange tank top and you are the ultimate definition of a survivor threat. I could watch you dominate for 10000 seasons
  10. Jeff Probst
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    Last but certainly not least, the OG survivor man. Jeff you are basically ageless and love survivor probably more than anyone in the world. Survivor will live as long as you do, and the day you stop hosting I'm out. Long live Jeff probst and his blue cargo shirts and khaki shorts