Reasons I Have to Watch 10 Things Whenever It's on Tv 📃

Because 'I want you to want me'. Also yes, it's on tv now.
  1. Allison Janney writing erotic fiction
    '...his quivering member'
  2. Baby JGL
    In all his adorableness
  3. Kat Stratford was probably my first and most influential hero
    It's weird when I watch back now and I realize how much I must I have been influenced by her because I watched it like every day when I was a kid.
  4. To point out reasons why I think Joey is still in love with Kat
    He totally does, but he's still a dick so I shouldn't really care.
  5. Best soundtrack of a movie ever
    Also imagine a guy getting your favourite band to play at your prom.
  6. The Shakespeare fangirl side plot
    It's just like, I'm so happy they just let her freak flag fly. So you're obsessed with Shakespeare, we'll give you a love interest that respects that. (Also Susan May Pratt used to be the queen of 90s teen movies)
  7. The impressive dialogue
    I learnt so many new words from this film and its like word porn every piece of dialogue.
  8. Best musical number ever
    RIP Heath 😢