So it's my friend, Leanne's 26th birthday and she's pretty much one of my fave people so I've created this list as to why she's just uber awesome.
  1. She's extremely funny
    Like really, her jokes are totally offbeat and inside but if you get it, you won't stop laughing
  2. Shes loyal af
    She's there when you call her, and always willing to help
  3. She's wise beyond her years
    She's has the insight of a much older person. And is always willing to give sage advice in every situation.
  4. She's like really pretty
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    Picture says it all
  5. Her resilience
    Everything she's achieved she's worked for, she never gave up on herself or others and she's stuck it through everything. For me, this is always what stuck out for me. ❤️👏🏾