1. Stand up straighter.
  2. Am I walking alright? I can walk in these heels, right? I've been doing this for half my life, right?
  3. Okay, but do NOT get your heel stuck in the escalator.
  4. Do I look okay?
  5. What if I see Anna Wintour?
  6. I will probably pretend I don't see her, but in the "respect, respect. I do not speak to you" vibe but really it's "holy shit I'm terrified."
  7. I probably won't see Anna Wintour, lezbereal
  8. I really should change my tumblr handle.
  9. But all the retagging and links to fix ughhhhhhhhh.
  10. OMG these are space elevators.
  11. Do I look okay?
  12. I forgot to get a manicure and now everyone's going to see my child hands and baby nails and think I'm 12.
  13. What am I doing?
  14. No one knows what they're doing. Remember. No one knows what they're doing.
  15. Is this real life?
  16. Do I look okay?