1. Get an idea and think "oh hm, yes, I will write this."
  2. Type up notes in your phone when you're half asleep or on the subway or scribble in your journal or really anywhere
  3. Do some research maybe
  4. Sit down to write
  5. Send a Snapchat to let everyone know you're writing
  6. Write a sentence or a paragraph or a page and then stop to stretch your legs
  7. Wander into the kitchen and eat some carrots and hummus or whatever your preferred snack is
  8. Come back to your writing area and turn on some music
  9. Have a mini dance party
  10. Okay, time to get back to work. Return to your laptop. Gotta write.
  11. Suddenly think "oh wow this would make a good list"
  12. Write said list
  13. Avoid writing a little bit longer
  14. Get back to it and bang something out quickly that you'll go back and edit 10 million times and will probably still want to edit even after it goes live
  15. Share the shit out of it on your social platforms
  16. Repeat