Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. I want to make this sassy six year old proud to grow up to be me.
  2. It's like a senior citizen prom pic with two of my favorite people I meannnn
  3. Screenshot meaningful compliments, people. They're there for you on bad days.
  4. I went to 7 Fleetwood Mac concerts in 6 months and it was worth that credit card bill.
    (There are far too many other memories to share from that experience — but that's another list.)
  5. Bonnaroo besties
  6. Career highlight: covering the private opening of Stevie Nicks's selfie gallery exhibit without anyone asking me where my parents were. (And getting a pretty good piece of writing out of it.)
  7. OG squad
  8. Silliness always.