1. The cake my friends made me for my little "bachelorette" shindig. Once, back when I was very drunk and very single, one of these friends made a remark about my sexual history, to which I replied "Hey, I'm chaste as fuck." To be quoted on a cake means my life's work is done.
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  2. My fiancé and his daughter on the dock at our new house. A little over a month ago, in a fit of optimism and perhaps stupidity, we bought a house on a bone-dry lake. And then came the rains! It is up seven feet and counting since we moved in.
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  3. The "lake" when we moved in.
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  4. My carefree niece and nephew on the swings.
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  5. This past Christmas, when I wore a tacky t-shirt and my fiancé decided to be a 70's porn star for the night.
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