NOT a "look at me, I'm nauseatingly happy" list. Rather, a reference for me when he's acting like an ass.
  1. Corny dad jokes
  2. Inhuman beer chugging abilities (is it weird that I'm proud of that?)
  3. Rough housing
  4. Animal noises
  5. Ambitious
  6. Observant
  7. Eyebrows (but like, also what he does with them)
  8. I think he does try really hard to make me happy in his way, even if I miss it sometimes
  9. When he misses me and he tells me about it and it's kind of sad and pitiful but in an adorable way
  10. His accent (and how normal it sounds to me until I introduce him to someone else and then it's brand new again and devilishly charming)
  11. (Shallow alert) How he's universally handsome, and way better looking than any dude I've dated (am I allowed to say stuff like that?)
  12. He thinks I'm the smartest and the prettiest and the funniest, which thereby makes me think so too