Sometimes it is good for the soul to count your blessings - and recognize all the good things in your life!
  1. Spending time with my husband
    Doesn't matter whether we are traveling or channel surfing, he's my best friend - I love hanging out with him.
  2. Snuggling with my dogs
    They are my babies, my besties, my little beasties. I always feel loved by them.
  3. Hanging with my best girl friends
    Nothing like some good girl time to lift my spirits!
  4. Being an auntie!
    I LOVE being an aunt! I love my nieces and nephews so much!
  5. My family
    Having an adult relationship and friendship with my parents and sisters is great. I'm always happy when they call or visit!
  6. Getting to see so many amazing things in Europe!
    From Stonehenge to the Colosseum and the many castles, landmarks, ruins, cathedrals, and cities in between. It really has been an adventure living in Europe.
  7. Getting my hair done at my favorite salon
    I always feel fabulous and like new after a hair appointment.
  8. And of course taking photos and exploring the world through my camera!
  9. There is definitely a lot more I could add to this list but these are my top 8!