So many guilty and non-guilty pleasures
  1. 10 Things I Hate About You
    Maybe every month?
  2. The "Before" Trilogy
    Usually over the summer and some other point in time
  3. Beginners
  4. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
  5. Ferris Bueller
    The first rated R movie I've ever seen
  6. Breakfast Club
    Because I love 80s pop culture
  7. Romeo + Juliet
    Again… LEO
  8. 27 Dresses
  9. Leap Year
    Idk Matthew Goode is really fucking cute with that Irish accent
  10. Mamma Mia
    There is a positive correlation between my period and desire to sing ABBA songs
  11. The Cheetah Girls 2
    A classic work of American cinema
  12. Rent
    At Christmas, June 24/25th, and any time in between when I feel like fucking cry
  13. The Parent Trap
    *kisses fingers as a sign of perfection*