1. Damn prison did not treat Huge Jacked-man well
  2. Ew, Russell Crowe kinda sucks
  3. I don't understand what's going on, is this happening in his dream?
  4. This is SO religious
  5. Oh okay now the good stuff is starting.
  6. There's Anne.
  7. These bitches do not like Anne
  9. HUGH save her
  10. Fuck ew Russell Crowe again
  11. Hugh save her
  12. Oh okay now she becomes prostitute
  13. She's selling her body in more ways than one, get it?
  14. Wait "I Dreamed A Dream" is so early…!
  15. This real good.
  16. Crying with you Anne.
  17. Omg I forgot this singing was not pre-recorded!
  18. They killed it… expect Russel Crowe
  19. Is he going to die yet?
  20. Hugh is back!!
  21. Damn so is Russell
  22. Help her!
  24. OMG
  25. Wait
  26. WAIT
  27. Is that SASCHA BARON-COHEN!!??
  28. I'm into this
  29. Oh they're pretty much that pocket picker in Oliver
  30. They have a daughter, plot twist
  31. Tbh they are the best part of this
  32. Hugh is so manipulative
  33. She died!? ALREADY
  34. It's been like 20 minutes
  35. P sure that lil boy is Oliver
  36. When does Eddie Redmayne come in
  37. Oh she's the daughter all grown up!
  38. THERE HE IS!
  39. ❤️
  40. Of course love at first sight
  41. So cliche but like I don't blame either one of them
  42. Oh yikes but the brunette loves Eddie
  43. Fuck you Russell Crowe. When do commit suicide
  44. Shit that guy was in Grease Live
  45. Classic. Guy stands outside the girls home
  46. Eddie honey marry me
  47. I really like the brunette
  49. This song is so emotional
  50. I really like this character
  51. She's the better character
  52. Oh no Huge Jacked Man is moving, but Eddie
  53. Why is Russell Crowe in the crowd? Is he undercover
  55. No don't trust Javert
  56. Yeah! Kill him!!
  57. Oh no the brunette is dying
  58. No I liked her!
  59. Guess he ends up with Amanda Seyfried
  60. No Hugh it's okay to love Eddie! Don't kill him!
  61. Now Hugh loves Eddie?
  62. Hugh do 👏 not 👏 save 👏 him
  63. If this little boy dies…
  64. And he dead
  65. I have yet to cry but like I know should
  66. Danny Zuko is dead
  67. We that sewer is gross wipe your face hugh
  68. Sascha?
  69. Fuck Russell Crowe
  70. No wait this is where he dies
  71. Yup!!!
  72. Aww poor Eddie is all alone now
  73. But wait you get the girl
  74. Bromance
  75. This song is also v emotional
  76. Oh they get married
  77. No Hugh don't leave them
  78. Why is Eddie so mad tho?
  79. Yes Eddie Hugh is the one who saved you god so dumb
  80. But cute
  82. Hugh is dying in
  83. 5
  84. 4
  85. Anne?
  86. 3
  87. 2
  88. 1
  89. Aww look it's everyone who died!
  90. Why am I not crying?!