Some were good - some were not so good
  1. SOUTHBOUND - good solid anthology film based around a haunted stretch of highway in the California desert
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  2. FRANKENSTEIN (2015) Xavier Samuel plays the monster in this surprisingly touching version which is set in modern day Los Angeles
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  3. BASKIN - crazy disturbing Turkish film that I didn't really understand, but loved anyway. Made me dizzy and queasy and very uneasy - don't miss it if you like your scary movies "challenging"
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  4. THE DEVILS CANDY - super fun head banging horror with a truly terrifying villian
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  5. CHERRY TREE - Awful Irish witch pic - I walked out
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  6. EMELIE - a tense bad babysitter thriller that had way more potential than what it delivered (or maybe it was great and the horrible "flashbacks" just made me grumpy)
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  7. THE HALLOW - kinduv fun (ish) but nothing you haven't seen before if you like horror movies
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  8. THE PACK - wild dogs (that weren't as scary as I wanted them to be) terrorize a rural Australian family
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  9. PIECES - sleazy good fun from 1982
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  10. SUMMER CAMP - Spanish take on the "camp counselors infected with a virus" genre - staring Jocelin (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) Donahue
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  11. SHREW'S NEST - okay, I actually saw this at Sitges - but it played at Scary Movies as well and it's worth checking out
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