I love my job!
  1. His lingering hand on your shoulder
    Followed by him going to the bathroom for 15 minutes. Did you just masturbate? I don't know why I think you did but I think you did.
  2. He slipped ice down your dress
    *slaps hand* *giggles*
  3. "Are you drinking tonight?"
    Of course I am
  4. "Did you drink last night?"
    Of course I did
  5. "Do you like tequila?"
    Wait, are you reporting this to my mother?
  6. *Kissing noises*
    "....Here's your staff meal"
  7. "You look sexy."
    I do?
  8. He follows you out to your bike
    "Is this your bike?" "......"
  9. He follows you down the street
    "Where are you going?!" HOME MOTHER FUCKER
  10. You get home and there's chocolate in your bag, from him
    And it melted all over your book