Finding a short-term, furnished, reasonably priced apartment in NYC is hard. Somehow, I managed to find one. I think I know why.
  1. It has that "old person" smell.
  2. There's a cane in the closet.
    And a walker.
  3. It's less than $2500 a month...and it's big...and it's in East Village.
  4. There's this. And it's crooked.
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    Ummm obviously some sort of cryptic ghost message.
  5. There are decorative plates on every shelf, just like at grandma's house.
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  6. Grandma would have this too.
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  7. There's this lonesome chair in the corner of my bedroom.
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    Where I know she sits and watches me.
  8. Somehow, I can sense that she's Puerto Rican and her name is Marta.
    And I don't know how.
  9. Marta's clearly not on vacation.
    So where the f*** is she?! In a home?? But don't you think she would need her cane...