Big fan of these pre-made mixes.... BYE Pandora
  1. The Pregame
    This is a true Pregame playlist. Marvin & Chardonnay? Say Ahh?? Dance (A$$)??? Ni**as in Paris???!! Hit after hit after hit. By the end of this playlist, I AM ready for the game.
  2. Turn Up, Turn Up, Turn Up
    This is the playlist you put on when you wanna roll down your windows for everyone to hear
  3. #MOOD
    This list got me with The Weeknd's "What You Need" (my fave Weeknd song) but this list really kept me with Janine and the Mictape's "Hold Me" (pro tip--- find this song featuring Pusha-T), "Cold Sweat," and "Can I." This list totally is #MOOD
  4. Mary J. Blige: The '90s
    Speaks for itself.
  5. Kanye West's New Workout Plan
    "You just popped in to Kanye West's get right for the summer work out tape. And ladies, if you follow these instructions exactly, you might be able to pull you a rapper, a NBA player, man at least a dude with a car."
  6. Lovers Rap
    Simply Amazing. ***not pictured but important-- Bonita Applebum by Tribe, Bound 2 by Kanye and Poetic Justice by Kendrick
  7. Lyrical R&B
    "Tyrone" is a true anthem. This playlist starts with some newbies like Frank Ocean(Novacane) and Miguel(Sure Thing) and finished with some classics. I would put This Woman's Work on all playlists ever basically.
  8. Behind the Boards: Carlos "Los" McKinney
    This is the first Behind the Boards I found, and I have been hooked ever since. It's amazing to listen to a bunch of hits from one producer and see their style.
  9. Behind the Boards: Polow da Don
    Especially if it's a hilarious list of songs that you're like Ohhh... I get it.
  10. Behind the Boards: Just Blaze
    And then you're just completely blown away (And this is just a small cut of his work...)