I love television
  1. Morris Chestnut
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    Thank you FOX for putting this show on... And gratuitously showing him with his shirt off
  2. John Stamos
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    This man.... I actually love this show and I think it is because Stamos is not just fine, but also comedic genius
  3. Don Johnson
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    I started watching Blood & Oil as a Gossip Girl fan trying to support Chace. He is nothing Don Johnson is everything.
  4. Hayes Grier
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    Fine. I watch Dancing with the Stars and am embarrassed. More embarrassing? My crush on a 15 yr old. (Not so bad since everyone else on the list so far is well over 40)
  5. Glen Powell
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    "Chad" from Scream Queens is a goddamn fox and hilarious as well. Thank you Ryan Murphy for yet another show for me to obsess over and a babe for me to lust over.
  6. Oliver Hudson
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    Always have, always will (thanks again Ryan Murphy for choosing a casting director for Scream Queens who understands my thirst)
  7. Dominic West
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