I want to start building my Winter 2016 playlist but.... I'm very official when it comes to seasons
  1. My Fall 2015 playlist got a little too Bieber heavy, and the songs don't blend as well.
  2. In the Fall I was like super indie, with FKA Twigs and Alina Baraz & Galimatias and Janine and the Mixtape
  3. And all this new Bieber is kinda straining the vibe
  4. Even though Bieber got some good producers so it has a nice vibe.
  5. But the original playlist feels so distant
  6. Only problem is that for this new playlist I know I start with Bieber then where do I go?
  7. I only recently discovered Banks, and it doesn't feel right to put anything from that album on here since it came out in 2014...
  8. When is the new Frank Ocean album coming out?