This list has been on my phone for some time.
  1. Trillville "Some Cut"
    Pretty mellow but gangsta AF to play
  2. Juvenile "Slow Motion"
    Also another mellow one but it will get everyone real hot
  3. Paul Wall "Sittin' Sideways"
    It's the people's champ!
  4. Ying Yang Twins "Wait(The Whisper Song)"
    Another song to get everyone all hot and bothered while staying gangsta AF
  5. Ludacris "What's Your Fantasy"
    You know what, most of these songs really are gangsta AF songs to make you wanna
  6. Petey Pablo "Raise Up"
  7. 504 Boyz "Wobble Wobble"
    We keepin' it is the south for this next one but dippin' low to Atlanta. And if you wanna add something in theme with gangsta AF that makes you wanna, please check out their beautiful love song "I Can Tell"
  8. Ice Cube "We Be Clubbin' "
    Party Anthem
  9. Blackstreet "No Diggity"
    Almost wouldn't include it but people love a main stream real popular jam every once in a while
  10. Craig Mack "Flava in Ya Ear(Bad Boy Remix)
    The greatest Bad Boy can do
  11. DMX "Ruff Ryders' Anthem"
    ANTHEM. It even says anthem in the title. Cuz The Dog knows.
  12. Master P "Make 'Em Say Ugh"
    Nah-nah nah-nah!!
  13. Big Pun "Still Not A Playa"
    Yo but we crush a LOT
  14. The Lox "Money, Power & Respect"
    Lil Kim on da track oh yahhh
  15. Jermaine Dupri "Money Ain't A Thing"
    Mentions bling bling non-ironically
  16. N.O.R.E. "SuperThug"
    When you play this song you will feel like a SuperThug
  17. Cam'ron "Horse and Carriage"
    Get Em with the 1-2 punch, this is the first one...
  18. Cam'ron "Hey Ma"
    And this is the 2. Everyone miraculously knows all the words "You smoke?" "I smoke" "I drink" "Me too" "Oh good, cuz we gon' get high toniiight"
  19. Missy Elliot "Hot Boyz"
    Gotta get an ANTHEM in for the ladddiiiiiesss
  20. Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Part II"
    So dope
  21. Busta Rhymes "What's It Gonna Be"
    With Miss Jackson on the track
  22. Ice Cube "You Can Do It"
    If you're not grinding by now you will be. Thanks to the Save The Last Dance soundtrack for pushing this song out