Basically things I thought other people maybe think at the gym
  1. At what point do people think they should take a Gym Selfie? Cuz none of this seems appropriate to me, even before the sweat starts
  2. If I could just take a pic of my butt/legs in this, that might work but NO
  3. What do I do next? Lift? People do that apparently...
  4. Okay lemme try these workouts I found online...
  5. Oh shit I gotta you tube the moves first.... Well that looks easy... Lemme just...
  6. UMMM a lunge jump is literally insane to try when you've never done one before! But I'll keep trying because no one is looking
    (This will make me uncomfortably sore for days)
  7. Okay I will awkwardly push thru the rest of these seemingly easy tasks that are wildly impossible.
  8. That was terrible but maybe I should try this 10 min interval running thing I found online bc like 10 minutes on the treadmill is terrible and awful but I just did all that insane shit
  9. So it says 2 minute brisk walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute run. Repeat. I guess I can try
  10. Walking is easy, I do this a LOT. I can pump it up a bit... And you know what, let's make this a little interesting. Increase the incline!!!
  11. Damn this is awesome. Sure I haven't ran very far or burned that many calories but I have ran more than I ever have in my life.
  12. I'm glad I bought these dope Nikes
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    (Brag post)