Nothing about homosexuality, simple appreciation, respect, and gratitude of other men in my life.
  1. My father
    Never enough characters to talk about my father. The most creative man I've ever encountered in my life; my father is, without a doubt, a jack of all trades all he while having mastered them: architect, carpenter, artist, wordsmith, creator, philosopher, inventor, and a father above all else. So thankful for this man.
  2. John Mayer
    An excellent musician/philosopher/thinker/creator whom I admire deeply on both creative and human being levels.
  3. My Uncle Christopher Galvin
    My mother's brother, and taken away from us far too early by IPF, my Uncle Chris was one of the most amazing people to have impacted me and my younger sister's lives. From a fraternity bro at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE BABY) to a successful real estate salesman and business man, to an idol in my life, I'm thankful for had having my Uncle Chris everyday. With an almost identical taste in music, a love for sports and having fun, and patience with me as he kicked my ass in Madden '04, I love him.
  4. Best Friends from Back Home
    Founded on respect and good vibes, my bros have my back and I have theirs. Always down to talk about the world's problems and then turn on a dime and get ignorant and have fun, or both at the same time. (Huh). Thankful.