25 Celebrities I Would Pick to Be on My Season of the Bachelorette 🌹

This is GREAT thank you 🙏🏻 Arranged in order of elimination.
  1. 25.
    Louis Tomlinson
    I pity invite him to be on the show 'cause the rest of his bandmates are. He leaves before the first rose ceremony because I make him cry, probably.
  2. 24.
    Liam Payne
  3. 23.
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Constantly says stuff like, "Picking this many roses is a crime against Earth!", so ABC forces me to eliminate him.
  4. 22.
    Ben Higgins
    Returns as a contestant after amicably splitting with Lauren. Tragically hasn't found a personality yet, as much as I want to like him.
  5. 21.
    Things are good at the first cocktail party, but then he gets kind of clingy and keeps bringing up Rihanna out of context?
  6. 20.
    Harry Styles
    Despite the new haircut, I insist on taking him on a 1-on-1 date to a nice, respectable salon. I make sure he is shampooed thoroughly.
  7. 19.
    John Stamos
    Too old to be here, but nobody can tell.
  8. 18.
    Derek Hough
    We go salsa dancing and it's the first Bachelorette date in history to end with a trip to the emergency room.
  9. 17.
    Sam Claflin
    The polite one who ends up getting overlooked.
  10. 16.
    Ryan Gosling
    Writes me a letter every day for his entire run on the show, but sadly, Chris Harrison intercepts all of them.
  11. 15.
    Liam Hemsworth
    Occupation: Baby brother
  12. 14.
    Chris Hemsworth
    Occupation: Better brother
  13. 13.
    Matthew Lawrence circa the early 2000s
    Wears too many crewnecks to last on this show.
  14. 12.
    Chris Pratt
    He's like... TOO nice and TOO funny. I start to distrust him.
  15. 11.
    Dan Stevens
    For our 1-on-1, I lock him in a closet until he gives me all the deets on Beauty and the Beast.
  16. 10.
    Chris Pine
    Gets the group date rose when we all jet to Hawaii, because he plays a ukulele version of "Agony" during our bonfire cocktail party.
  17. 9.
    Zac Efron
    I sing HSM at him around the clock and it gets on his nerves, but he dutifully keeps trying until I take him on a 1-on-1 to East High. Then he up and quits.
  18. 8.
    Scott Disick
    Everyone in America knows I'm not gonna pick him, but he's just so entertaining!! Scott is such a hit with viewers that ABC offers to double my salary if I keep him for a few more weeks.
  19. 7.
    Niall Horan
    Every single one of our dates requires glasses-wearing at all times.
  20. 6.
    Ryan Reynolds
    Ultimately, I've gotta say goodbye because I can't keep lying to him about the fact that I haven't seen Deadpool.
  21. 5.
    Adam Brody
    Gets the first impression rose because he laughs at all my jokes on introductions night. I cry during his last rose ceremony.
  22. 4.
    John Krasinski
    In a heartbreaking, television-making moment, I am forced to eliminate him out of respect to his beautiful family, even though I've been in love with him since I was 15.
  23. 3.
    Chris Evans
    Before our overnight, we go on a hilarious date to Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. Unfortunately, he knows more of the Illuminations lyrics than I do, so I have to let him go. The next morning.
  24. 2.
    Dylan O'Brien
    I pull a Bachelor Ben and tell him I love him, then break his heart.
  25. 1.
    His Royal Highness Prince Harry
    His hometown date is KILLER; the queen and I totally get along. Wills is a little skeptical of the cameras at first, but eventually I get his approval after bonding with the kids. Har earns the final rose 💍🌹