My littlest baby cousin is already so much cooler than me ❤️
  1. He's the best dancer I know.
    At my other cousin's wedding, he would grab one of us with each arm, kick his legs up, and do a backflip. He was in three dance-offs and won all of them (two were against grown adults). He probably has more screen time in the wedding video than the bride and groom.
  2. He thinks outside of the box.
    One summer, he and I had a pretend bike race. I teased him that I was winning. He pulled out a pretend gun and shot me. "Not anymore," he said flatly. He was 4.
  3. He's a card shark.
    Charlie never gets tired of card games. His current favorite is Presidents, and he pretty consistently wins. Once he actually beat the rest of us at Apples to Apples- BEFORE he could read.
  4. He went through a phase where he constantly sang "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.
    He was very little at the time too (no older than 3). He knew every word. It was incredible to watch.
  5. He's a ham for photos.
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    He'll pretend he doesn't want his photo taken, but then he pulls something like this.
  6. He's savvy (and sassy).
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    This picture was taken after a stranger offered him $20 to jump in the pool with his (fancy) clothes on. He then tried to parlay it into a business, asking other strangers and relatives for money to jump in the pool "to pay for 1 million video games."
  7. I love him lots.
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    Look at that face! How could you not? Happy Birthday Charles Thomas 🎂