Let's talk about me!!!!!!!!!
  1. Born- December 15th, 1995
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    Fun fact: my birth was announced twice on national TV. Once during the Monday Night Football game my dad produced (also how I got the nickname Casey), and once by Kathie Lee on her show. She got my middle name and birth weight wrong, and that's the story of how I've held a grudge against Kathie for 20 years! Just kidding!
  2. 1st birthday- Sesame Street Christmas?
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    From photos, it appears this party was mostly family. I wore a Christmas dress with a Sesame Street party hat, and my cake had puppies on it.
  3. 2nd birthday- The Little Mermaid Christmas
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    Wore the exact same Christmas dress as I did the previous year, but this time paired it with a much more stylish Ariel hat, plus festive holiday balloons.
  4. 3rd birthday- The Little Mermaid P2
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    Ariel was my childhood fave. This birthday I had an Ariel cake. My old friend Kyle made it in every single photo taken at this party.
  5. 4th birthday- Beauty and the Beast and Gymnastics
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    Basic toddler party at a gymnastics studio, but I had a cute BatB cake, and changed outfits from leotard to bright gold Belle dress.
  6. 5th birthday- Okay, first look at this invite
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    This could be in a museum dedicated to the early 2000s (sidenote: would def go to this museum). The decorations for the party were Power Puff Girls, then after pizza/cake we all watched Home Alone on the big TV in the basement. This kind of thing happens when you have a Christmastime birthday.
  7. 5th birthday II- Here's the Power Puff Girls cake
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    For the record, Blossom was my favorite.
  8. 5th birthday III- The party room
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    My best and most photographed party.
  9. 6th birthday- Nutcracker
    No photos of this one, but we took 30 kids from my class to see the local Nutcracker.
  10. 7th birthday- Freeze Dance Treasure Hunt
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    My second grade Brownie troop came over and we played a bunch of games. This invite was printed upside down (look at the tree).
  11. 8th birthday- The mid-move party
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    We were literally in the middle of moving to New Jersey. We temporarily stayed at my aunt's house until construction was done at our new house. I had two friends over my aunt's and we ate cake and played with American Girl dolls.
  12. 9th birthday- ????
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    I'm guessing we went to The Melting Pot, as this became a recurring birthday theme in NJ. Whatever it was, these two friends were there.
  13. 10th birthday- Melting Pot
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    Definitely had dinner at The Melting Pot for this birthday. Thanks to our kind waiter Sean, my friend Veronika (right) learned what "gay" meant for the first time. I don't think her conservative parents were pleased.
  14. 11th birthday- ????
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    I am 80% sure this was also a dinner at The Melting Pot, but not on my actual birthday because I went to a Christmas party that day. 5 days later, I met Beyoncé, which was a birthday present in and of itself.
  15. 12th birthday- Cooking and Sleepover Party
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    This was wild. We went to a cooking place and made dinner and lava cake, then had a photoshoot with the aprons. We thought we were very cool, even though we were 12, the least cool age. At the sleepover, we did cheerleading stunts and the girl on the far right froze everyone's bras, then forgot about them. An adult found them the next day.
  16. 13th birthday- Something with the family?
    I found one picture of this birthday, and it looked like an at-home thing? The neighbors came probably. I'm not sharing the picture because I'd rather pretend it doesn't exist. Maybe let's pretend all of age 13 doesn't exist.
  17. 14th and 15th birthdays- ????
    13th-16th birthday were Nutcracker years, so I was deep in the throes of rehearsal by December 15th. I have no pictures, but if I had any time for a 14th or 15th birthday party, they were probably dinners at The Melting Pot. I'm pretty sure I brought Magnolia Bakery cupcakes to school on my 15th.
  18. 16th- Balloon Birthday
    This was a Nutcracker season birthday but I remember it very clearly. I came home from a night of rehearsal and the whole dining room was filled to the brim with pink and teal balloons. A bunch of the neighbors came over. My mom made my favorite meal and homemade cake.
  19. 17th- NYC
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    My friend and I went into the city and we did very touristy things like Wollman Rink and Serendipity. And a lot of shopping. We spent a good 90% of the time shopping.
  20. 18th- Disney World
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    This was before moving to Florida. We had some sort of hotel package deal that we needed to use by NYE, so we used it to go to Orlando for a few days. On my actual birthday I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (doing this again today). After this pic was taken, Aladdin said "Don't party too hard, but if you do, invite us!"
  21. 19th- Kelly Kapoor Party
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    First thing that happened was that I walked out of my room to find this in the kitchen. My roommates last year, @baileyk and @meganyd14 , were/are the best! There was also a plain square vanilla cake.
  22. 19th- Magic Kingdom and GFlo
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    Then I went with my roommates to Magic Kingdom, where we made all the necessary birthday stops (Dream Along with Mickey, visiting Gaston). We were all working at Disney at this point- we had the routine down. For dinner we met our other roommate at the Grand Floridian and ate with Cinderella.
  23. 19th- Day 2
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    I had the day after my birthday off from work too, so I went back to Magic Kingdom with a few other fairy godmothers-in-training (what we were called at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique) and met Gaston again. Then we had a group dinner at Wilderness Lodge. The waitress made me stand on my chair holding a cupcake, and sing myself Happy Birthday.
  24. This year- So far all I've done is take pictures with giant balloons
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    But I'm on my way to Disney!!!