Inspired by @roaringsoftly ... Right? I think? Am I doing title waves right?
  1. Anyways, hey you guys!
    I say "you guys" because I am from New York, and even though I live in central Florida now, I physically cannot say the word "y'all." (Sometimes I type it but just...that doesn't count)
  2. Everyone calls me Casey, even though my given name is Catherine, but that's a long story for another list.
  3. I'm twenty & a student & use way too many social media apps...
  4. ...hence why I joined the day it went public this past October.
  5. I used to be a pretty okay lister, not sure what happened recently?
    I'll work on it, you guys. I'll get through all 202 of my drafts- pinky promise, cross my heart.
  6. My favorite emoji is 💖, but the emoji that most accurately represents me is probably 🙈
  7. Also, I work at Walt Disney World, where I have notoriously (and unsuccessfully), tried to stalk Chris Evans on several occasions.
    It's fine.
  8. Here's me demonstrating my ability to find ideal selfie lighting in other people's homes.
  9. And finaaaaally, here's some of my favorite lists I've written!
    Presented below with commentary, cause how else are you gonna get to know me, really??? I meant to put 5, but there's 8 whoops.
  10. ————————————————
  11. Friends Nail Polish Colors- FRIENDS NAIL POLISH COLORS
    I was born to write this list.
  12. If Celebrities Went to Disneyland Without VIP Tour Guides- IF CELEBRITIES WENT TO DISNEYLAND WITHOUT VIP TOUR GUIDES
    Don't even ask. I wrote this on flu medication.
  13. Babies Who Are Better Than You- BABIES WHO ARE BETTER THAN YOU
    This is maybe my favorite list of mine, which says a lot tbh.
  14. The Bacheloscars- THE BACHELOSCARS
    From my "one Bachelor list per week" phase.
  15. Harry Potter's Season of The Bachelor- HARRY POTTER'S SEASON OF THE BACHELOR
    See above.
  16. Things That Are Probably My Patronus- THINGS THAT ARE PROBABLY MY PATRONUS
    The first title wave I participated in, before they were called title waves.
  17. TV Spinoffs I Would Like to Star In- TV SPIN-OFFS I WOULD LIKE TO STAR IN
    Signal boost this to the networks.
  18. I stood very close to HRH Prince Harry yesterday- I stood very close to HRH Prince Harry yesterday
    I just really need you all to know that I stood VERY CLOSE to my future spouse, the Prince of Wales, as this will likely feature in the Lifetime movie they'll make about us in ten years.
  19. ————————————————
  20. Anywayyyys, I can't wait to meet all of you newcomers (and some oldcomers, which is absolutely not a word but still) & I hope you're not already sick of me after this very long and unnecessary intro!!!
  21. Please request lists from me so I don't get lazy 😊
  22. xx, Casey