Inspired by @roaringsoftly ... Right? I think? Am I doing title waves right?
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    Anyways, hey you guys!
    I say "you guys" because I am from New York, and even though I live in central Florida now, I physically cannot say the word "y'all." (Sometimes I type it but just...that doesn't count)
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    Everyone calls me Casey, even though my given name is Catherine, but that's a long story for another list.
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    I'm twenty & a student & use way too many social media apps...
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    ...hence why I joined the day it went public this past October.
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    I used to be a pretty okay lister, not sure what happened recently?
    I'll work on it, you guys. I'll get through all 202 of my drafts- pinky promise, cross my heart.
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    My favorite emoji is πŸ’–, but the emoji that most accurately represents me is probably πŸ™ˆ
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    Also, I work at Walt Disney World, where I have notoriously (and unsuccessfully), tried to stalk Chris Evans on several occasions.
    It's fine.
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    Here's me demonstrating my ability to find ideal selfie lighting in other people's homes.
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    And finaaaaally, here's some of my favorite lists I've written!
    Presented below with commentary, cause how else are you gonna get to know me, really??? I meant to put 5, but there's 8 whoops.
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    Friends Nail Polish Colors- FRIENDS NAIL POLISH COLORS
    I was born to write this list.
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    If Celebrities Went to Disneyland Without VIP Tour Guides- IF CELEBRITIES WENT TO DISNEYLAND WITHOUT VIP TOUR GUIDES
    Don't even ask. I wrote this on flu medication.
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    Babies Who Are Better Than You- BABIES WHO ARE BETTER THAN YOU
    This is maybe my favorite list of mine, which says a lot tbh.
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    The Bacheloscars- THE BACHELOSCARS
    From my "one Bachelor list per week" phase.
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    Harry Potter's Season of The Bachelor- HARRY POTTER'S SEASON OF THE BACHELOR
    See above.
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    Things That Are Probably My Patronus- THINGS THAT ARE PROBABLY MY PATRONUS
    The first title wave I participated in, before they were called title waves.
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    TV Spinoffs I Would Like to Star In- TV SPIN-OFFS I WOULD LIKE TO STAR IN
    Signal boost this to the networks.
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    I stood very close to HRH Prince Harry yesterday- I stood very close to HRH Prince Harry yesterday
    I just really need you all to know that I stood VERY CLOSE to my future spouse, the Prince of Wales, as this will likely feature in the Lifetime movie they'll make about us in ten years.
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    Anywayyyys, I can't wait to meet all of you newcomers (and some oldcomers, which is absolutely not a word but still) & I hope you're not already sick of me after this very long and unnecessary intro!!!
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    Please request lists from me so I don't get lazy 😊
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    xx, Casey