Would have been better if North had taken a selfie with the other kids in the background. Probably should have included Kimojis.
  1. Here it is
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    Just the kiddos, sans Saint, because he is too important, or had a prior engagement of some kind.
  2. Is North okay?
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    She looks like she's forgotten where she is, or maybe the laces on her black dress are itchy.
  3. Is Penelope okay?
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    She looks like she might still be in pain from having her tiny toddler scalp exposed to a hot curling iron.
  4. Is Mason okay?
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    Has anyone tried to give him a haircut?
  5. Is Reign okay?
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    Does he hate his brother? Did he figure out that his name is Reign?
  7. IS ROB OK???????????❔🙏🏻❔