Based strictly on the book series by Meg Cabot (may write other lists about the movies) 👑
  1. Michael Moscovitz
    Duh. Michael is gorgeous, smart, and starts his own billion-dollar company to prove himself worthy of being Mia's consort (he names that company after his beloved pet dog, BTW). He's also very chill / level-headed. Michael is the best boyfriend in all of young adult literature & I will fight you on this!
  2. Boris Pelkowski
    Globe-smashing and shirt-tucking aside, Boris is super sweet to Tina and a great friend to Michael. Totally plays a role in Mia and Michael's reunion in the tenth book. Boris is a gem.
  3. Kenny Showalter
    Poor Kenny (later known as Kenneth). It really wasn't his fault that Mia led him on at the beginning of the series. And when he shuts her out post-JP, it's only because he's trying to protect Lily. He really does mean well.
  4. Cousin Hank
    Points for being a Calvin Klein model, but the fame got to his head.
  5. Prince René
    Basically the Italian Josh Richter? Sleazy, though I guess later on he settles down with the Contessa Trevanni's niece (...after getting her pregnant).
  6. Josh Richter
    Ew. So sleazy. Glad he disappears off the face of the earth after the fifth book. Even Lana Weinberger deserved better than him.
  7. John Paul Reynolds-Abernathy IV (JP)
    If Michael is the best boyfriend in young adult fiction, JP is the worst. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but JP is satan. He had issues even before he exploited Mia to get famous, back when he methodically picked corn out of the cafeteria chili. Not to mention what he did to Lily. There's a special place in teen lit hell for John Paul IV.