I've met some, too, but I deleted that list.
  1. Chris Evans
    One time we were at Magic Kingdom at the same time. The friend I was with got a text from her roommate (who worked parade audience control) saying Chris was at VIP parade viewing. We booked it over to look for him and he'd already gone. I was, justifiably, devastated.
  2. Tom Cruise
    When I was nine months old, my dad was producing the football scenes for one of Tom's movies (guess which). Anyway, when my mom and I visited set, she was told she could bring the baby to Tom's trailer at a specific time for a meet & greet. She refused. I'm not mad about this.
  3. Will Smith
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    My brother went to one of the basketball games my dad worked. I declined to go, because I try to get out of going to sporting events as often as I can. I ended up getting sent this picture of James and Will. Still upset about it.
  4. Kim Kardashian
    She sat a few rows from my friend and I at a Nets game (this was the beginning of the Kris Humphries era). We took some pictures from afar to brag with on Facebook. I deeply regret not walking over to ask for a selfie with her. I ended up meeting Kris Humphries two years later, though.
  5. Jamie Lynn Spears
    I clocked out of my shift at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney World. 20 minutes later, she arrived with her daughter. The worst part was, I was going out with friends that night, so after going to the cast building to change out of my costume and fix my hair, I went right back over to the boutique. She had JUST LEFT.
  6. Scarlett Johansson
    She walked right past me in NYC. I don't know if this counts. I didn't really want to bother her.
  7. Mariah Carey
    I don't know if this counts either, but she lived in my old neighborhood in Westchester so I saw her in passing a bunch.
  8. Bruce Springsteen
    Similar to Mariah, used to see him all the time. His kids went to my school in NJ for ten years and he went to my friends' beach club. We trick-or-treated at his house. Never actually spoke to him.