1. We parked in some guy's lawn for $15
    Making good choices as usual.
  2. Oh yeah, speaking of good choices, I brought a nine and ten year old with me
    We're BFFs- I've known them since they were born. Their parents generously bought my ticket, god bless their souls. I owe them for life.
  3. This is their first concert
    How amazing is that? When I get asked about my first concert I have to say "Fall Out Boy at PNC Arts Center" which is way less cool.
  4. REALLY wanted to make a "hot sauce in my bag" joke at bag check, but then the guy who checked my bag was at least 90
    I got nervous that he wouldn't get it.
  5. We were in section 112
    Basically the first section of actual stadium chairs (not on the field) to the right.
  6. Got some pink hats with little orchids on them that were $40 each even though I'm pretty sure Bey could've afforded to sell them for $20
    And I also got a shirt because I am a sucker.
  7. DJ Khaled opened and honestly I wasn't really paying attention
    I have nothing against him I just... don't care.
  8. We mostly snapped during his set (my snap was out of control tonight), and then we bought popcorn and drinks
  9. Then we waited like 45 minutes for Beyoncé
    They kept teasing us as if it was gonna start and then it didn't.
  10. AND THEN
  11. It's kind of hard to describe how this all went down
    I went in over my head drafting this list title...
  12. I did take a decent number of pictures though
    I still paid attention, guys, don't worry. I sang and danced the WHOLE time. My throat is killing me.
  13. Obviously she opened with Formation
    This pic might have been from right after, because in retrospect she definitely had a hat on during that song & my photos are all out of order.
  14. She had us shout "I slay" a lot, which was fun
  15. Pretty sure this was Sorry
  16. My favorite of the costume changes
  17. I could see her okay from where we were, but it photos she was a tiny dot, so these are all screen pictures
    Screenshots, if you will.
  18. I was partial to the Independent Women / Diva mashup because Independent Women was my 4th grade dance recital song
    The truest blessing of the night was that my awful singing was drowned out in all my snap videos.
  19. The Gucci outfits were👌🏻👌🏻
  20. Drunk in Love
  21. It wouldn't be a Beyoncé show without wind machines EVERYWHERE
  22. During costume changes they played clips from Lemonade
  23. But for one costume change the screen went purple and "Purple Rain" came on and everyone lit up those phones
  24. She started with the 50 Shades slow version version of Crazy in Love
    She & the dancers were all in boxes, and then Beyoncé ROSE UP OUT OF THE BOX
  25. Then she started singing the original version and the confetti rain started
  26. Also it was mashed up with Bootylicious, you guys
  27. Then my phone went low on battery but I did get this very low-q pic from after the second stage casually turned into a pool
    The dances in the water were INSANE. It started with Freedom I think? But they also did Survivor in there, and the beginning of Halo.
  28. Halo was the finale
    It was so good that I almost forgot it was also the finale at Mrs. Carter World Tour.
  29. Then she descended under the stage and everyone was screaming and crying
  30. This is such a mess but it's 2:30am and my thoughts are not cohesive!!!!!!
    There's lots of gaps in here, but you get the jist. I'm writing this while crying into a bowl of Cheez-Its, so that's where I'm at right now.
  31. Honestly, I don't have enough words to describe tonight
    She's so talented, her shows are so incredible & artistic & theatrical, etc etc etc. Every time she spoke to the crowd I was reminded of the Beyoncé who went out of her way to be kind to my little brother and I at a Nets game ten years ago. Who even treated the awful guys next to us with respect.
  32. Anyway, in conclusion, Beyoncé is the best & we don't deserve her
  33. P.S. My new career goal is to become a back-up dancer on her next tour, so I guess I need to start working out maybe?