Be warned that I'm very picky & boring. Inspired by everyone, originated by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich
    Plain grilled cheese with Swiss. Told you I was boring!
  2. Drink
    Veuve Rose on a special occasion. Otherwise, something extremely basic like vodka and Sprite. Or just plain ginger ale.
  3. Coffee
    French press with milk, no sugar. At Starbucks, nonfat grande vanilla latte.
  4. Pizza
    Medium crust. Fair amount of sauce & fresh mozzarella cheese. No toppings- very important to maintain "boring" brand.
  5. McDonalds
    6-piece McNuggets with KETCHUP. No barbecue sauce in my line of sight. Fries just out of the fryer. Small iced tea. Oreo McFlurry.
  6. Pedicure
    Impeccably clean chair with massage function. Water is very hot but not scalding. They do the peel thing on my heels. Two coats of Essie's "Fiji." Movies, not soap operas on the TV. Copy of Glamour provided.
  7. Brunch
    Two eggs scrambled with lots of pepper, fresh fruit, piece of brioche french toast. Latte and juice.
  8. Salad
    Spinach, strawberries, crumbled goat cheese, poppyseed dressing.
  9. Disney Quick-Service
    At WDW- Corn dog nuggets with fries at my namesake, Casey's Corner. At Disneyland- Mint julep and Mickey beignets at the Mint Julep Bar.