1. Hey you guys!
  2. I know I've been super bad at writing lists lately...
  3. But it's mostly because I've been swamped with school & starting my new position at Disney World
    And also my phone broke... This list is coming to you from a brand new rose gold 6s, y'all!
  4. Anywayyyyyyyy
  5. I've been seeing so many Disney trip lists around here, that I want to make this very special PSA:
  6. 🐭 COME VISIT ME 🐭
    Make yourself a reservation at Crystal Palace and look out for the shortest seater shouting party names out the door. Or just come find me playing in the parks. I'm literally there all the time.
  7. Alsoooo, can we get a Disney World List App meet-up or???
    Someone organize it. I'll organize it. Whatever.
  8. PS. Feel free to hit me up for any Disney parks related tips you may need!
    Send me in some list requests!!! This is my second job with Disney on top of being an annual pass holder for awhile. I've also spent quite a bit of time in Disneyland. Talking to people about their vacations is no joke, my #1 favorite thing.
  9. See ya real soon! 👑