Hopefully this plane ride is as exciting as my last one, because this is all I've got to list today.
  1. 2:18pm- Requested Uber. It's 5 minutes away.
  2. 2:19PM- Immediately got an alert that my driver, Bektor, is "now arriving" in his Toyota Camry.
    When I open the app, Bektor is still safely 5 minutes away.
  3. 2:24PM- Remarkably, Bektor is able to find the entrance to my building without calling me first.
    First uber driver to accomplish this. Already have a feeling Bektor will be getting 5 stars.
  4. 2:28PM- Bektor is awfully quiet, so I decide to call my grandparents.
    It's my grandpa's 83rd birthday today! He's amazing- accomplished NYC fireman, veteran, and currently fighting back after having 2 strokes last year. My grandpa is the best.
  5. 2:31PM- Left a message.
    My guess is they're fielding more birthday calls than they are prepared to handle.
  6. 2:45PM- Bektor is clearly a fan of Alicia Keys.
    He's playing 100.3, which in the tri-state area (where I'm from) is Z100, but I guess here in Chicago it's the Alicia Keys station. Plus one Sara Bareilles song.
  7. 3:00PM- Bektor's car smells weird.
    I feel nauseous.
  8. 3:02PM- I try texting my friend Eli to distract myself from the smell.
    Texting makes me more nauseous. Putting down the phone for a lil bit. Updates to come.
  9. 3:19PM- Bektor speaks!!!!
    He says "Ugh, traffic." I concur.
  10. 3:26PM- Finally at O'Hare
    Bektor and I say our goodbyes and I give him 5 stars, because who am I kidding, I give every driver 5 stars.
  11. 3:58PM- En route to gate
    I was already checked in and security was fine. I'm starting to think this trip isn't actually that listable.
  12. 4:00PM- My gate is in another concourse- this is taking a long time.
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    I stuffed my Chicago outerwear into my suitcase so now it weighs approx 1,000,000 pounds. Also, the moving walkway between concourses is cool so I took a picture.
  13. 4:04PM- I bought the InStyle holiday issue at a Hudson news.
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    It's one of the few December issues I haven't read yet and it matches my nails!
  14. 4:08PM- There are 15 seats total at my gate (??) but I find a nearby area with chargers.
    My cousin's boyfriend sells 5ft long colored chargers, and I've never felt more happy to own one (I mean, I didn't pay for it but still). The seat I found is like the 3 seats away from the outlet, but it reaches.
  15. 4:12PM- With 30 minutes until boarding, what are the odds I resist buying coffee from the Starbucks right next to me?
    Hint: very slim.
  16. -----I'm starting to worry this plane won't have TVs.
    Like Mindy Lahiri, I can't be alone with my thoughts.
  17. 4:30PM- I bought Starbucks.
  18. 4:45PM- Boarding starts. I'm in group 5.
    I'm 96% sure group 5 isn't even a real group.
  19. 5:03PM- Chatting with the other group 5'ers
    A nice lady points out that group 5 is the best group because we're all in the aisle. Then a tall, attractive guy laments how much it sucks to wait. After we get our tickets scanned he says something else, but I can't really hear him so I just say "Yeah." Once we're on the plane and I need help getting my heavy bag into the overhead, he conveniently disappears.
  20. 5:05PM- There's no TV.
    Also no Wifi, so goodbye til landing!
  21. 5:11PM- There's a colonial woman on the wing
    She was churning butter!!
  22. 9:10PM- Landed
    Highlights from the flight include: watching Rear Window on someone else's iPad, eating the Texas Toast PB&J I bought, holiday Skymall, listening to the couple next to me as they tried to figure out where exactly Orlando is.
  23. 9:13PM- My mom texts that she's running late to the airport.
    At first I was excited because there's great shopping at this airport, then I remembered all the stores are closed because it's 9:13PM.
  24. 1:00AM- I forgot to update this list to say I made it home. I made it home.