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    I drove down from Orlando Tuesday night, and met up with my little cousins. We ate at the hotel and split some disgustingly large desserts.
    I basically mooched off their spring break trip.
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    We stayed at the Marriott Stanton South Beach
    We really liked it! The food was good, our beach wasn't too crowded, and there was a conveniently placed Starbucks.
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    Also, our view.
    I stayed in the standard room with my cousins Nathalie (16) and Steffi (15). My aunt, the three boys, and later my uncle stayed in a suite, but their view was of the side of another building, so...
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    Started Wednesday morning off with this coffee served in what can only be described as a soup bowl.
    The picture doesn't do it justice. But I'm not complaining.
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    I took pictures of my Nat's french toast because it was much cuter than my eggs.
    And thus began our obsession with this restaurant, Big Pink. We ate here so much that my cousin Charlie started casually referring to it as "the diner."
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    I'm in love with the entire aesthetic.
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    Then Nat & I headed down to the beach
    The boys went to the pool. My aunt took Steffi to a clinic because she sunburned her face really bad Tuesday morning.
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    I only took a few photos because we spent most of the afternoon swimming.
    I don't like getting sandy.
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    Once Stef got back from the clinic, we picked Dylan's friend Henry up from the airport and headed back to Big Pink for dinner.
    Stef's friend also met us there. All these kids' friends were "coincidentally" also in Miami Beach. Stef & friend split an order of these poorly photographed Oreo pancakes, cause did I mention they serve breakfast all day? I ate some of them.
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    We went back to the rooms and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love & my new BFF Henry (14) and I had a long discussion about Disney World.
    Charlie (7) came into our room to perform the whip for us. I sadly have no pictures of this.
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    Thursday we got breakfast at Starbucks and then went to rent some surfboards.
    Stef stayed back in the room, so we rented two and switched off with Dyl and Henry. Please excuse my awful post-surfing appearance in this photo.
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    We surfed mostly unsuccessfully for a few hours and then took some pics with Charlito.
    It's been three years since I last surfed. I think Henry, Nat and I each caught one wave.
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    Char and I played paddle ball.
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    I got a piña colada.
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    Look how fun and beachy.
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    Dyl was harassed by a seagull.
    This child does not own any t-shirts that do not say Mets.
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    We picked my uncle up from the airport, then returned to Big Pink for dinner. I had chicken stir fry.
    The club across the street was hoppin, so Nat and I went over and took selfies in the line because we are embarrassing and also underaged.
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    When we got back, Stef pulled Cards Against Humanity out of her suitcase.
    I'm sure we permanently corrupted poor Dylan and Henry. Actually, I think we played this the first night, too.
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    Friday's breakfast was this giant virgin mango/strawberry daiquiri I shared with Charlie, Nat, and Stef.
    Literally our first meal away from Big Pink. We finally got the kids to leave our resort area.
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    I walked by the Versace mansion to take pictures and was very sad that I wasn't eating there.
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    I really liked this building.
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    We walked down to try and rent waverunners and I got jealous of the cute umbrellas at the W.
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    Everywhere was sold out of waverunners, and there was thunder in the area, so we waited for a lil bit and I took pictures of the water.
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    Water sports were eventually vetoed, so we swam instead.
    This was the first day Stef came out in the sun. She wore a scarf on her face most of the time.
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    Then we went back to the Marriott patio and had snacks for dinner.
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    I went upstairs to shower & watched One Tree Hill with Stef for a few hours.
    Eventually the boys came upstairs and we decided to go back to Big Pink for more oreo pancakes. Dessert!
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    Later, the fire alarm in our building went off.
    And we had to sit outside for an hour... When they finally let us back in, the kids talked my uncle into joining us for more Cards Against Humanity. He won.
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    This morning (Saturday), we slept late and then had to get out of the room ASAP.
    I meant to do my hair for photos but no such luck.
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    FINALLY, I convinced one single person (Stef) to come downtown to the art district with me.
    The boys and my aunt went to go see Batman vs. Superman (barf) and my uncle and Nat went to watch the Miami Open. Did I mention Nat is a nationally ranked tennis player in her age group?
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    Per @Veronique and @LauraM's suggestion, we took pics with the Wynwood Walls
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    We also took pics in the surrounding area.
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    And then we got some coffee before I dropped Stef back with my aunt and started my drive home.
    They should be catching their flight right as I'm posting this!
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